Our rooms: barrierefree, spacious and different

All our rooms offer sea views to the harbour, to Strelasund and or to Rügen and Hiddensee. Each room is barrier-free, equipped with barrier-free shower rooms, has a TV-SAT flat screen and a mini bar.    

Our house is run as hotel. This means, that during your stay, the rooms will be cleaned  every day including if required change of towels. Fresh sheets will be provided after 7 days. 

barrierefree showerroom with brasilian slates
barrierefree showerroom with brasilian slates

Rooms and suites in the attic

In all rooms roof beams and rafters are left exposed , so that they have a large volume which ensures , in conjunction with the excellent thermal insulation, even on hot summer days a pleasant climate.

the attic suite "Brückenblick"

the double room"Sundblick"

the attic suite "Hiddenseeblick"

the apartments and suites on the second floor

All the rooms on the upper floor are up to 4 m high and formed from the merger of two former storage shelves by removing the ceiling, because the former headroom was only about 1.65 m under the wooden beams . In order to use the amount of space in a mezzanine was built whose Headroom between the wooden beams is approximately 1.85 m .

the duplex suite "Rügenbrücke"

 the duplex suite "Rügenbrücke"
the duplex suite "Rügenbrücke"

the maisonette "Holzhafen"

the duplex suite "Querkanal"