the duplex suite "Rügenbrücke"

is located at the south gable of the store house on the first floor. 

Like all the rooms on the upper floor is about 4 m high and was formed from the merger of two former storage shelves by removing the ceiling , because the former Headroom was only about 1.65 m under the wooden beams . In order to use the amount of space in a mezzanine was built whose Headroom between the wooden beams is approximately 1.85 m .

Therefore the suite has 2 windows one above the other and offers a beautiful view of the Strelasund, the harbour, and the islands Dänholm and Rügen. It has a third window in addition in the upper line, which is the only window of the house looking to the west, which brings the afternoon sun into the suite. 

This room especially reminds you of the old warehouse as it shows the old brick walls and you can imagine working in the old times.

Up to 6 people can stay here. The sleeping area is equipped with a curtain so that it can be visually screened from the room.

Self caterers can use the cupboard kitchen.

barrierefree shower room in the the duplex suite Rügenbrücked of the hotel Hafenspeicher in Stralsund
barrierefree shower room