the maisonette "Holzhafen 1-3"

The stacked apartments "Holzhafen 1-3" are on the upper floor at the water front of the store.

Like all the rooms on the upper floor they are about 4 m high and was formed from the merger of two former storage shelves by removing the ceiling , because the former Headroom was only about 1.65 m under the wooden beams . In order to use the amount of space in a mezzanine was built whose Headroom between the wooden beams is approximately 1.85 m .

Therefore the suite has 2 windows one above the other and offers a beautiful view of the Strelasund, the harbour, and the islands Dänholm and Rügen

Below the sleeping galleries the entrance, the shower and a mini kitchen are located that can be used for self-catering.

Up to 4 people can stay in the apartment, each 2 in the beds on the Sleeping gallery and on the twin sofa bed. the apartments are barrierefree designed, have a barrierefree shower room and are accessible by the elevator, but the gallery is only accessible by foot.